~ "Photography challenged me  to step out of my comfort zone, but when I started, I felt like I have finally found the one thing in life I was really meant to be doing"~


 I have always admired photography and so my camera was my constant companion. At some point I decided to make my biggest hobby a job.  After my graduation at Vienna Photography School, I have devoted my whole heart to people photography. Since then I have worked on many projects with a lot of different personalities, which lead me to beeing published in numerous international magazines.

I think that the most important instrument for a photographer to take the "perfect shot", is the eye, and not the camera. A good photo starts with a great idea. Good planning and communication with my team of make up artists, designers and stylists is essential. I love creating something special and unusual with my model. There are no limits to creativity and inspiration.


Making beautiful portraits, refined beauty editorials, showing my models from their very best side and create images with impact, that is my forever passion.